Applicant tracking software: a guide for hiring managers and employers


applicant tracking softwareAn applicant tracking system (ATS) is highly-developed software created to help job seekers and hiring managers. Many large and small companies use tracking systems to find, sort, screen, rank and track candidates that meet their vacancies.

Today if you want to find a job, chances are, your future employer uses a kind of free applicant tracking software to sift through resumes and choose the best candidates.

Why do we need an ATS?

It was very difficult to find a decent job due the economic downturn of recent years in the United States. As most companies stop hiring, lack of jobs resulted in precarious unemployment. It has affected quality of the products and services of these companies.

The good news is that there has been a recent revival of the economy that allows more companies to start hiring again. The economy is far from being at full strength yet, but it is gradually improving, so their hiring departments are inundated with job applications. People send tons of applications and employers and managers need a more effective way to keep track of all those who applied to different positions. When traditional approaches do not work, more advanced tracking methods come into play. So, many companies realized the benefits of applicant tracking software.

What makes an ATS so beneficial?

Tracking software allows hiring managers to use information from a large database. The applicant tracking system analyzes all candidates, their qualifications and the position to which they apply. It is much easier to find people who are good matches for a particular job and find information from previous applicants when new positions open.

How does an ATS work?

Once an ATS has collected the information, the system can sift it through in a few ways. For example, if the job requires specific academic experience such as a master’s degree than software can separate all the resumes that have been received and do not contain this information.

Applicant tracking software has a number of other benefits such as posting new vacations to online job boards and tracking all the information from these boards. Every suitable candidate will get an automatically generated email if his or her application meets the requirements.

As more companies want to hire new people and offer new positions thanks to the improving economy, an applicant tracking system will become a valuable tool in the recruitment process for HR (human resources) departments across the country.

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